Q&A with Mayor Tobin

Shelby and the MayorI recently sat down with Cortland Mayor Brian Tobin and for a quick Q&A about his vision for the community.

What is your favorite thing about Cortland?

I love all of the parks we have in Cortland and the City Youth Bureau. Cortland has a number of gathering spots for community members and there is comfort in knowing this is a safe place to be.

What’s one thing people in the community might not know about you?

While a good amount of people may know, some might not be aware of my passion for the sport of swimming. He began swimming at a young age and continued through college, using it also a great form of stress relief. I love competition and continue to share my passion with other swimmers as coach of the SUNY Cortland swim team.

When did you decide you wanted to be a mayor?

This decision was an evolution. As a member of the community, I was concerned about the lack of good housing. This was a big topic of interest for me, which led to running for city council for two terms. As a part of city council, I was part of the housing committee.  Community members encouraged me to run for mayor. Now, after being elected to his second term, I really enjoy being able to give back to the community.

You just got reelected mayor, how to you plan to engage youth in the community?

I am starting back up the mayor’s youth council. I had the opportunity to go to schools and meet with students to find out there perception of the council. I feel it is important to give young people in the community a voice and engage these youth in the community efforts. The council will serve as on outlet to give the youth a voice and give them a platform to positively impact the community.

What is the best part of being mayor?

I think the best part about my position as mayor is “the opportunity to do things that have a positive impact on people”. Things like figuring out issues and turning them into positive outcomes is an example of the way his position give him the opportunity to benefit others.

Author: Shelbycohan

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