The Paris Attacks and Social Media

pray_for_paris_attack_Friday the 13th.

Investigations show that nine terrorists attacked Paris on this day and left 130 people dead and several hundreds injured.

9:20 pm, three teams attack a soccer game and the first explosive vest is detonated killing one other person.

9:25 pm, 39 people are shot and killed in cafes and restaurants.

9:30 pm, a second vest goes off killing a suicide bomber only.

9:40 pm, another bomb is set off by a suicide bomber in the Comptoir Voltaire restaurant and no one is killed.

Around the same time, three suicide bombers kill 89 people inside the Bataclant Concert Hall.

9:53 pm, the last vest is detonated near the Stade de France and no one is killed.

This was the biggest attack in Paris since WWII.

Everyone has heard of or has seen news coverage of the recent terrorist attacks in Paris. Most people have also seen the several hashtags of condolences and cries for peace on social media. Some of these include #PrayForParis #PeaceForParis and #PorteOuverte meaning open door and offering a home to those stranded. #PeaceForParis was also promoted as opposed to prayers because many, including Charlie Hebdo the magazine, argued that Paris does not need more prayers or religion, in light of the terrorist attacks.

People all over the world used these hashtags and shared pictures of the Eiffel Tower being used as a sign of peace.

Facebook also participated with the profile picture change.


Although social media creates a platform of connectivity with the terrors across the world, it is just as important to be informed and aware of what is going on in our world.


Author: karolinaguillen

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