Why You Should Care About the 2016 Presidential Election

coin-jar-for-collegeDo you plan to go to college or a training program after high school?  Do you know how much this costs? The recent presidential debates have had a lot of focus relating to the rising cost of education. Anyone who plans to attend college anytime between now and the next four years should pay attention to the 2016 Presidential Election, even if you can’t vote but it is going to affect your life!

The average yearly cost for attending an in-state public university is $9,139. That cost does not include room and board and only increases if you choose to go to a private or out of state school. Seems like a lot, right? Well, this high cost of college is an area that a few of the democratic candidates are looking to change if elected.

Democratic candidates Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, and Martin O’Malley all have made it a point to say they want public universities to offer free tuition and to change how student loans work. One huge reason for these changes is to make attending college accessible to everyone, no matter their financial situation. You shouldn’t only be able to go to college if your parents have money or you are lucky, right?!

Student loans have also been a big topic of debate. Candidates have spoken about lowering the interest rates so that the loans can be paid off more quickly. Too many college students today graduate with a lot of debt. That’s not cool!  Currently there is over S1 trillion in student loan debt nationally.

Even if voting is not an option for you in the upcoming election, it is still important to become aware of the issues spoken about. These issues will suddenly be relevant to your life and you do not want to be unaware of what is occurring. You might even be able to share your perspective with your family members and adults you know and encourage them to vote in a way that helps young people.


The next Republican Presidential Debate held in Reno, Nevada on December 15. It will air on CNN. Tune in online at CNN to live-stream.

The next Democratic Presidential Debate will be held in Manchester, New Hampshire on December 19. It will air on ABC. Tune in online at ABC to live-stream.

Author: Shelbycohan

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