5 Ways Reading Makes You Smarter

book and glasses on table in library

Books aren’t just wonderfully woven tales stuck in paper bindings, they are also really good for your brain.

Expand Your Vocabulary. After reading a few books you may start to notice, you begin to sound like them. This may mean repeating your favorite character’s catch phrase, describing everything with an unusual choice of words or just having a more educated way of speaking.

Improve Your Memory. Memory is still important in this age of electronics; I mean how else are you supposed to remember where you put your phone? Just by reading, you are exercising your memory muscles because you are always adding and changing knowledge from previous chapters.

Destress and Relax. Books can be therapeutic as it’s a perfect way to transport yourself into a whole other reality. While fiction is best, I’m sure there’s some wacky nonfiction book that works just as well.

Develop Your Problem Solving Skills. Many novels have puzzles, plot twists and other devices that require you to spot patterns, so naturally the more you read the better you become with analytical skills.

It can Help You Focus. Ever tried to read where it’s loud and busy? Not easy, is it? Reading helps you direct your attention on the book and ignore all the distractions. Well, sometimes a little too well.

While not all books are going to exercise your brain in one way as much as others, they are all are great for helping you become more open minded, because books introduce you to new situation, people and cultures.

Reading can also just be for fun! Interested in getting together with fellow book lovers? Don’t miss this! The Cortland Free Library is featuring the book and movie, The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy in their Read It! See It! Club. It’s open to teens and registration is optional, but you have the chance of winning a paperback copy of the book. When is it? November 19th @ 5:00pm

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Author: Claudia Kolts

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