5 Ways to Enjoy Falling Back (Daylight Saving Time)

By Claudia Kolts

This Sunday (November 1) at 2am clocks change and we get a whole extra hour of time. That means that we get to enjoy a 25 hour day! So, what are you going to do with that extra hour of time? If you haven’t already decided, here are some ideas:


Because the change happens at night, you get a whole extra hour of sleep you wouldn’t otherwise get! Awesome!

Binge Watch TV

Staying up late watch your favorite show? Guess what?! You can have a free hour of time to do just that and then sleep in.

Play Video Games

About to complete that challenge and don’t want to stop? Don’t worry about it! It’s going to be 2am for a whole extra hour!


Did I mention you get more sleep? If you fall asleep at 10pm and wake up at 10am, you get 13hrs instead of 12hrs!

Procrastinate More on Homework

Staying up late finishing that project? Well, don’t worry, you get a whole extra hour to work (or put it off)!

Author: Noyze Staff

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