Classic Scary Movies

By Claudia Kolts

Scary movies can be scary for a couple reasons. Gore, suspense, it’s all terrifying. And while these movies might not be the scariest. They stand the test of time. If you haven’t seen them already, now’s the time.

Halloween. When a child decides to stab to death his older sister after she has sex on Halloween, he is locked away for 15 years before he escapes. Now in his 20s, he continues hunting down teens while the police are oblivious.

Scary Factor? Suspense as he stalks his next prey.

Nightmare on Elm Street. You really won’t want to sleep after this one. This creepy guy kills teens in real life by killing them in their dreams.

Scary Factor? Blood everywhere, suspense as teens are terrorized to their death, with jump scares and gruesome images.

The Shining.  The ultimate cabin fever gets the better of this family in addition to a weird psychic power called “the shining”. Isolated and vulnerable, the mother and son desperately try not to be repeat of the hotel’s history.

Scary Factor? Defiantly suspense with some blood and creepy images.

The Silence of the Lambs. A young FBI trainee attempts to help track down a serial killer, and tries to pry information from a captured cannibal, who plays more mind tricks then gives out hints.

Scary Factor? Hannibal’s mind tricks and the end.

The 6th Sense.  A psychiatrist tries to help a young boy who exhibits symptoms like his failed patient. Meanwhile the poor boy goes through his life seeing dead people on regular biases.

Scary Factor? Chilling moments, jump scares and a great plot twist.

Carrie. A naïve teenager becomes the punch line of jokes, when she got her period for the first time. The moral of this movie is don’t bully unless you want to die in a very painful fashion.

Scary Factor? Lots of blood everywhere, that creepy cross and sweet revenge.  Oh and a few jump scares.

Those are the few that I’ve seen, but there’s plenty more horror classics, like Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho. Which if you haven’t seen already you can go watch it at the Homer Center for the Arts. It’s showing at 7:30 on October 29 (a Thursday) and it’s free!

Author: Noyze Staff

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