5 “Old” Skills You Should Have

By Claudia Kolts

In this hectic world of buy and consume, many of us don’t have the same skills that our grandparents or even parents have. Here’s a list of skills you should still have today.


No, instant meals don’t really count. I’m talking about making meals from scratch and measuring stuff. You should be able to follow a recipe, prepare and cook a delicious meal. Once you’ve mastered cooking, food will never be the same. After a while we all get sick of Mac n Cheese and Mom or Dad won’t always be there to cook for us.


I know, some of you might be cringing, but everyone should at least be able to pick up a needle and thread and fix something. It is a shame to throw something out if it rips or if the button falls off. Plus, you need to be able to mend something on the fly. And trust me, this skill can be a major life saver and the reason I carried needle and thread throughout high school.


I’m not talking about portrait painting; I mean breaking out the paint roller and paint brush to add some new color to a room or giving new life to an old chair. It can save you a lot of money, if you paint yourself or it could even help you get a job.

Reading a Map

Yes, we have smart phones and GPS, but navigating using a traditional paper map can increase spatial awareness (something that helps you get unlost) and prepares you for a future phone free crisis. And if you’re visiting to your favorite theme park, it would be helpful to be able to use the map effectively so you can get to that show on time.

Using Tools

Now I’m aware that most things these days come preassembled these days, but some larger furniture still comes in a box with instructions. And not only is it useful in putting together stuff, with tools in your hands you can create and fix a lot more then you realized (remember that table with the loose leg? Yea, you coulda fixed it). Also basic tools like hammers and drills become real handy for hanging things up on your wall or DYI.

Author: Noyze Staff

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