Why Fall is the Best Season

by Karolina Guillen

Fall has some stiff competition. The Holidays and New Year’s make winter a special time. The gorgeous sunny days of summer are always admired. The budding flowers of spring are welcomed by almost all. Fall is often unappreciated but is truly a magical time of year that is worth enjoying.

A very mystical part of fall comes from the cool breezy weather that starts to blow in. It has been said that wind is a sign of change. Once that wind begins to blow, all bets are off! Anything can happen. That being said, fall is the season of new beginnings.


With the start of a new school year, everyone is given a clean slate. Whether or not you decide to use it depends on you. Either way, new beginnings bring new opportunities to be had. Try out for that team you never thought you’d try before, learn something new and continue to grow.


An underappreciated part of fall is the layers. Fall is the definition of cozy. Ditch the summer heat and avoid the bitter cold with light layers. For boys and girls there are plenty of great options for dressing for the season. Flannels, light sweaters, beanies, scarves and boots are some of them.


The best part to embrace is the food. For all you crazy pumpkin spice lovers, your time is now. For those that would rather not embrace their inner “white girl”, you can still take on the fall frenzy with some hot or iced apple cider. There are plenty of ways to embrace the holiday spirit. The only difficult decision you’ll have to make is between apple and pumpkin pie. Don’t forget about apple crumbles and apple cider donuts.


Fall has plenty of options for families to spend time together. There are fun activities just for the season such as football games, apple picking, going to visit farms, carving pumpkins, hayrides, trick-or-treating, scary Halloween houses and more.


The best reason as to why you should consider making fall your favorite season is the scenery. With all the open space, preserved nature and nearby farms, fall has never looked so good. When the leaves change colors and begin to fall, everything begins to look like a vibrant orange, red or yellow.

Author: Noyze Staff

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